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The methods of growing new body tissues and shaping them through application of stretching force have been known for many centuries as a historically cultural practice in Africa and South America. The tribal peoples there used them for giving the desired shape to their lips and ears. Now those methods have been tested and accepted by modern medical science as means for body modification. For instance, orthopedic surgeons are able to lengthen broken limbs. The soft body tissues are enlarged with the help of tissue expanders in many types of reconstructive surgery. Even new patches of skin can be grown anew through stretching existing living skin.

Tissue stretching is the scientifically proved method that YIELDS RESULTS!

The successful practice of body modification through stretching skin and tissues by application of tension has centuries-long tradition among the folk medicine of many native tribes all over the world. The efficiency of the practice has been well proven to work over centuries read more

Are Penis Exercises Actually Worth the Time and Effort You Spend on Them?

One of the most widely spread issues of today's Internet is the problem of penis enlargement methods. Thousands of unsolicited e-mail messages aggressively advertise promising medications and gadgets, which are most unlikely to bring any positive results. Lots of dishonest vendors and practitioners spread false myths and hearsay. The honest and reputable traders of this industry have been obscured by the clouds of attractively promoted scam products and services. As a result, it is only natural when tired of false promises most men prefer to believe that efficient methods of penis enlargement simply do not exist. But beliefs and hearsay are not the most dependable source of information in case a person is really interested in the subject of penis enlargement methods. In order to decide if a method is true or not, a sensible person should make some research into the problem, he should not be afraid to find the truth.

Systems of penis enlargement exercises are viewed by many people with a hefty amount of skepticism. Though the skeptics, as a rule, are not familiar with this subject, they readily dismiss the method as a myth. It should be noted, that different systems of penis enlargement exercises have been practiced for hundreds and thousands of years in some ancient cultures and proved their efficiency a very long time ago. For instance, to transform certain parts of the human body by changing their size and giving them a new look, many primitive tribes still use weights, various objects and exercises. The necks of the women of the Paduang tribe are successfully lengthened with the help of metal rings. Other tribes change shapes of lips or ear lobes by attaching weights to them to make them correspond to their cultural standards of beauty. Since little feet were considered to look very sexy, there was a habit in old Chine to shrink feet of Chinese women of high birth. Bearing in mind all these centuries-old practices, it is not reasonable to believe that the penis was left out. Was it?

The answer is definitely "It was not!" The nomad Arabic tribes are known to develop very efficient penis enlargement techniques, which, within the context of their cultural traditions, were tightly connected to the position of the person in question within the tribe or with the manhood initiation rites. It is obvious that thousands of years ago it was discovered that parts of human anatomy can be to a certain extent transformed and modified using devices or exercises for application of traction tension. Naturally, for many centuries weights were the only available traction device. So, using one's own hands for penis enhancement was the only practical solution read more

The Largest Penis in the World that was Confirmed by a Medical Record

The Internet sites are full of stories related to the issue of the longest penis in the world ever. Unfortunately, most of those stories can be rightly called tall ones (or may be long ones, as some would prefer to put it). I have tried to do some research and to separate the facts from urban myths, and came to conclusion that information one is offered on the Internet is at best sketchy and at worst outright fabrication. In my search for true facts I had to go beyond the web. It took me several days but in the end I was able to put together a comprehensive answer.

For instance, there is a story about a guy with exceptionally long manhood that developed a big problem for its owner. The problem was that to become erect the penis required too much blood to fill in the two chambers within his penis. As was claimed by the story, each time the penis of this guy got erect the poor fellow fainted on the spot, since there was not enough blood left for the rest of the body, too much of it flowed into the erectile chambers of his penis. Of course, it is highly improbable that Mother Nature would allow something of the kind to become possible! This is simply a ludicrous consideration! Nevertheless, this piece of urban myth continues to exist in different forms and shapes, the initial one is claimed to be recorded in Chicago in the late 1978. Read more about it in a review about enhancerx on this site grockme.

But are there any officially recoded instances of the largest penis in the world? Has ever such a phenomenon been registered scientifically? The answer is YES, as I was able to find out. Doctor Robert Dickinson officially recorded the largest medically measured penis in the world during his statistical research in the early 20th century. The largest penis in the world was measured at 13.5 inches long and was 6.25 inches in girth. This measurement is acknowledged by the majority of specialists as the ultimate world record read more

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