Are Penis Exercises Actually Worth the Time and Effort You Spend on Them?

One of the most widely spread issues of today's Internet is the problem of penis enlargement methods. Thousands of unsolicited e-mail messages aggressively advertise promising medications and gadgets, which are most unlikely to bring any positive results. Lots of dishonest vendors and practitioners spread false myths and hearsay. The honest and reputable traders of this industry have been obscured by the clouds of attractively promoted scam products and services. As a result, it is only natural when tired of false promises most men prefer to believe that efficient methods of penis enlargement simply do not exist. But beliefs and hearsay are not the most dependable source of information in case a person is really interested in the subject of penis enlargement methods. In order to decide if a method is true or not, a sensible person should make some research into the problem, he should not be afraid to find the truth.

Systems of penis enlargement exercises are viewed by many people with a hefty amount of skepticism. Though the skeptics, as a rule, are not familiar with this subject, they readily dismiss the method as a myth. It should be noted, that different systems of penis enlargement exercises have been practiced for hundreds and thousands of years in some ancient cultures and proved their efficiency a very long time ago. For instance, to transform certain parts of the human body by changing their size and giving them a new look, many primitive tribes still use weights, various objects and exercises. The necks of the women of the Paduang tribe are successfully lengthened with the help of metal rings. Other tribes change shapes of lips or ear lobes by attaching weights to them to make them correspond to their cultural standards of beauty. Since little feet were considered to look very sexy, there was a habit in old Chine to shrink feet of Chinese women of high birth. Bearing in mind all these centuries-old practices, it is not reasonable to believe that the penis was left out. Was it?

The answer is definitely "It was not!" The nomad Arabic tribes are known to develop very efficient penis enlargement techniques, which, within the context of their cultural traditions, were tightly connected to the position of the person in question within the tribe or with the manhood initiation rites. It is obvious that thousands of years ago it was discovered that parts of human anatomy can be to a certain extent transformed and modified using devices or exercises for application of traction tension. Naturally, for many centuries weights were the only available traction device. So, using one's own hands for penis enhancement was the only practical solution.

All system of penis enlargement exercises are based on a universal principle: as a reaction to external stimuli the human body responds by trying to adapt to the new conditions. The size and strength of the muscles can be built up as a response to the extra physical effort while working out at the gym. The extra stress load triggers the growth of muscle tissues - in this way the body tries to adapt in order to sustain the effort. The same way the regularly repeated exercises, for instance like those suggested by Penis Health, will stimulate the division of cells in the penis tissues, making the penis shaft grow both in the length and girth - the penis will try to adapt to the altered conditions. As often happens during human aging - read Christie Brinkley reviews.

Probably the most popular and the most reputable system among penis enlargement exercise is the Jelq. Through application of milking-like movements the practitioner of the Jelq stimulates additional blood flow into the corpora cavernosa (the sponge-like tissues of the penis that are responsible for erection). This exercise should be repeated regularly for a certain period of time. The repeatedly increased blood inflow will trigger the tissue growth, both in length and girth. More than that, the size of a flaccid penis will increase too. According to the research of penis enlargement exercises that was conducted by Dr. Brian Richards in the 1970s, the Jelq system brings positive effects in nearly 90 percent of cases, resulting in noticeable penis size increase. Different practitioners achieved different results, but, as was demonstrated, the minimum gain was not less that an inch, but in many cases more than that.

Penis Health is a penis exercise program that has gained excellent repute thanks to testimonials of hundreds of its practitioners who have successfully enlarged their penises gaining impressive results trough application of the system developed and tested by Penis Health specialists. If you feel skeptical, do not hurry to take this claim on faith. The signed testimonials and opinions from Men's Network forum posts, where the system and the results gained by its application are discussed in detail should give you some evidence. Another option is to visit the official Penis Health Web-site and get familiar with references left by the customers excited about the results - an extra inch or two of penis length gained by a practitioner is a great boost to a man's confidence and self-esteem.

It is obvious, that some people are natural-born skeptics, who usually do not even bother to check the facts. Just use some common sense and get familiar with evidence - that would be more than enough to get convinced in efficiency of penis enlargement exercises. The do work the way they are claimed to. Before developing an opinion try the system out - an extra inch or two in length or girth of your penis would never hurt! Many skeptics were only happy to change their minds when they saw actual results gained by practicing our program of exercises. Why don't you join their company and give it a try? Anyway, you will not lose anything, but you are sure to gain a lot in sexual pleasure and boosted self-esteem!

Author: Jee