Is There A Really Safe and Natural Way to Get a Larger Penis?

If you are reading this, it is highly probable that you are searching for a penis enlargement method which really brings positive results. It is not an easy problem, since a penis is impossible to build up the same way people build up their biceps. The problem is that anatomy structure of the penis is quite different, it does not include any muscles at all and you should be aware of this. The obvious conclusion is that a gym center will be useless for you; whatever kind of exercises you can perform at a gym will never increase the size of your manhood by a fraction of an inch.

If you have tried to find the answer to your problem browsing the Web-sites, you have surely discover thousands of related sites and they are full up to the brim with attractive advertising of the penis enlargement secrets which you can make use of and which are claimed to get you a large penis with guarantee. The obvious question would be "How to tell an actually efficient method, device or medication from a hyped useless fake that is not worth even a cent of the money you are supposed to spend on it?"

What is of paramount importance in this situation is that, in the first place, you should bear in mind that no miracle pill to enlarge your penis size has ever existed and will ever exist in foreseeable future. The aggressively marketed pills that you can see in abundance at Web sites are usually made of herbal extracts and they are capable of one thing only - the do enhance your sexual health and the performance of your urinary structure. Some components of those herbal enhancers are also capable of boosting the power of your erection. And in general they are safe and improve your overall state of health but not the penis size.

One should recognize one thing - it is not possible to find a male enhancement pill, which will add anything to your penis size, no way. More can be found here: performix sst.

Penis enhancement surgery has proven to be a method that really works, but it brings with it serious risks of harmful complications and it doesn't yield any satisfactory result in the long run. The risk of permanent damage to your reproductive system is unreasonably high, and to compensate for the trauma you will have to spend thousands of dollars. Oh, we have forgotten to mention the fact that the penis enlargement procedure is an extremely costly operation too.

Two other rather popular methods that are left for you are special systems of penis enhancement exercises and devices which are believed to enlarge the girth and length of your manhood. Both systems are based on the cell stimulation principle - they stimulate the cells of your penis to divide more actively and actually grow new tissues that give material to penis enlargement process.

The penis enlargement devices, which you can find on the Web or in related shops, include two kinds of gadgets - penis traction extenders and vacuum pumps. Unfortunately, both have their pros and contras, and both are not perfectly safe. There are reports about injures to blood vessels caused by both devices.

The vacuum pump brings sizeable erections, which is true, but as soon as you release the penis from the pump, the erection immediately goes away. It is not possible to get any permanent positive results with a pump; you have to apply it every time before sexual intercourse in order to get a respectable erection. And the usage of a vacuum pump brings risks of the testicles damage because of too much pressure applied by the device, and that is a serious trauma.

Traction penis enlargement devices can really enlarge a penis by stimulation of new cell development. But it should be noted that such traction enhancers are only effective for extension of the penis length. They do not add a fraction of an inch to the girth of the penis. By application of constant traction force the penis extenders force the cells of the penis tissue to divide and generate new tissue volumes. The length of the penis becomes large, but at the same time your manhood is made slenderer and feebler.

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Author: Jee