Safe and Efficient Methods to Get A Bigger Penis Are Available Today: Why Stay an Average Guy Then?

Till just the recent years the only method to get a permanent increase of your penis size was to undergo a costly and risky penis enhancement surgery. Luckily, nowadays natural penis-enlargement methods are widely advertised on the Web and are quite affordable for all concerned with the problem. Nevertheless, a lot of men consider the option of being able to enlarge one's penis without surgery too good to be true. And that leads them to think that safe and natural alternatives to the surgery are just a big scam. And that is quite understandable, taking into account the importance of the big penis issue.

But why most men dream of having a larger penis? Why are they so obsessed with the idea of being a proud owner of a thick and powerful love-making instrument? To answer the question we have, in the first place, to realize that most male persons have a tendency to strongly believe in a larger penis as the ultimate symbol of an alpha male. This cultural tradition is a strong and ancient one, in a large number of cultures males with small penises were regarded as being less of a real man, and, on the contrary, happy owners of manhood that was impressive both in length and girth enjoyed an enviable status of being a real, full-fledged and universally respected male person. So it is not surprising at all that the vast majority of male population will be always worried about their status in relation to the size of manhood, and always be interested in ways and methods to increase their penis size.

Another consideration that is commonly shared by most men on the instinctive level is the fact that women tend to be much more attracted by larger penises than small ones. Their vaginas go wet instantly without need of any foreplay and erotic simulation just at one look at an erect love-making instrument, gloriously thick and long would be enough to get things going. When realizing the situation, the majority of males automatically make a correct conclusion: a thick and long penis is a guarantee of being a formidable love-maker in bed. But excess weight also gives it, but not good, so write here Almased.

On the other hand, there is an important question - how do males judge their penis size? What scale of comparison do they commonly use? It is not a secret that most men base their appraisal of the penis size on its looks. If a penis appears small it means it is actually small. Other persons compare their penile size with the average penis size taken from results of this or that penis survey they have happened to read. By the way, just for your information only, the average length of a man's fully erect penis is usually something between five inches to six inches, that is an established statistically fact one can find in any related survey. What makes one wonder is that though the majority of male population falls perfectly within these range, nevertheless they have an acute problem with being disappointed about their penis size. They still consider it not impressive enough when they are with an experienced lover. They constantly worry that she would compare their average-size member with a different, larger penis she used to deal with.

The idea that a thick and long penis is capable of delivering more pleasure and satisfaction to their lovers during love making, as was mentioned above, is the main reason behind the tendency to prefer a large penis to a small or an average penis. This commonly shared belief leads men with small penises to problems with low self-esteem. Their relationships and overall incompetence with women is rather unsatisfying and their sexual confidence is ruined.

To be fully truthful, we should recognize the fact that women do enjoy having sex with partners who own large penises. This is grim truth, but it is still truth and men just have to get real and accept it. Women really do think a lot about penis size in relation to making love. Just a sight of magnificently thick and long erected love-making instrument is a great erotic stimulation to all women. In 2005 one of the leading manufacturers of herbal penis-enlargement pills conducted a specialized research among female community regarding the importance of penile size for satisfying love-making. They discovered that over 80% of the female subjects responded positively. That is, the size really matters a great deal when it comes to sexual intercourse! No wonder the sexual confidence of male persons is greatly affected by considerations of a man's penile size. If a man comes to believe that his penis does not qualify in the same class as what he perceives as being large enough, he begins to feel greatly insecure.

Pornography, which Internet made very popular and easily accessible, may have been quite well one of the reasons that made a large number of men so self- conscious regarding the alleged inadequacy of their manhood size. Pornographic movies demonstrate males with alpha-sized love-making devices of 9 inches in length. The male audience of pornography movies compares themselves with those highly endowed men. But it should be understood that people with 9 inch penis are very difficult to come by. That is the reason they are paid good money for what they do in front of movie cameras. And finally, we should not exclude one more very simple motivation for the popular desire to have a big penis - no man wants to be just average, and the desire to have a large penis is based on the same motivation as the desire to have big cars, big houses and big toys.

In case you happen to be one of those men who dream of a large penis, there is a piece of good news for you. Today one can easily find on the Internet safe methods of penis-enlargement, methods that really bring positive results and can increase your manhood in length and girth with guarantee. The best way is to combine herbal penis-enlargement pills and a good system of penis exercises. This method has come to be most proven and trusted among all those wishing to get a thick and long penis between the legs!

You do not have to stay small or average any more! Nowadays it is easy to become somebody beyond the average-sized guy!

Author: Jee