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Med-Lift Chair 2500 from Healthy Back Category: Personal Care/Exercise/Wellness

Product: Med-Lift Chair 2500 from Healthy Back

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Description: In the Healthy Back® Med-Lift 2500 lift chair, you'll find the perfect lift chair technology to compliment the mobility you are seeking. Healthy Back® med lift chairs are crafted with pride in workmanship offering value that is unsurpassed in quality and comfort. One simple touch of the finger tip control and the power-lift mechanism gently and quietly moves you to a standing, seated or fully reclined position as well as many intermediate modes.

Engineered to provide years of carefree operation, each chair begins with select kiln-dried hardwood frames which are glued and secured with steel fasteners. Add to this, durable springs securely attached and covered with padding to protect cushions, plus additional padding on all exposed wooden parts and you will enjoy efficient lift assistance for the lifetime of the chair.

Smooth, quiet operation is assured with our rugged and reliable screw lift mechanism. LongLife bushings are used at all riveted joints to insure no metal to metal contact.

Styled for the person 5'3" through 6'2", has a 350 pound capacity and seat width of 21".

Call 888-4MY-BACK for other lift chairs

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TEMPUR® Advanced Ergo System™ Category: Personal Care/Exercise/Wellness

Product: TEMPUR® Advanced Ergo System™

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Description: Upgrade to the most incredible sleep.

Upgrade your foundation to create the world’s most advanced sleep system. Technology has given us 24/7 lives and 24/7 stress. What if technology gave us a good 8 hours back? The TEMPUR Advanced Ergo System does just that. You can now enjoy an infinite number of ergonomic rest positions, plus a rejuvenating massage whenever you’d like. With its wireless remote, it electronically adjusts to your every need to create a place of true Night-time Renewal for body and mind. Combine selected Tempur-Pedic mattresses with our exclusive Ergo System base to create your own personalized TEMPUR Advanced Ergo System.

The wall-hugging design keeps you close to your nightstand while providing support to your head, neck and shoulders in a head-up position.

Get a good night’s sleep in your favorite position. Whether you want to recline in a neutral zero-gravity position, elevate you upper body for easy reading or just raise your legs for relief, the intuitive wireless remote can get you there in moments. The wall-hugging design means the Ergo System will not occupy more space than its flat footprint. No rubbing on walls or knocking into furniture, it slots right into most traditional bed frames with ease.

Free delivery and in-home setup!

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